•  Documents (all forms on hand)

1.   Advance Directive For Health Care (Living Will Declarations)
Ever wonder what might happen to you or a loved one
   if  something as did Terri, in Florida. As she lay there brain
   damaged, her husband after 15 years, asked for the feeding
   tube to be removed.  However her parents thought otherwise.
   Then the battle began and lives and families torn apart.   
          Everyone had opinions on what should be or should           
   not be done.  Including her husband, parents, friends, family,
   relatives,  neighbors, the media,  judges, religious and non
   alike, and our leaders of the nation, state and local
 Everyone,  but the one person that mattered - Terri.
          What is a Living Will -  It is written instructions on a form
   made to show YOUR instructions that specify YOUR medical  
   wishes and desires should something happen to YOU and you
   become incapacitated, rendering you unable to make
   decisions or conveying your wishes.  Thus saving your
   family the headaches that will lie ahead.  And YOU become
   the one that makes those vital decisions by letting them
   know your wishes with a notarized document - a
"Living Will".
           We have easy to use Living Will Forms.  The cost is  
   very little but the job that it will do is VERY BIG.  Take time out
   to visit us today and make out your "Living Will Declaration".  
   It will only take a few minutes.  Your Family Will Be Grateful.

2.  Affidavits
  1. Form Of Affidavits
  2. Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Liabilities
  3. Affidavit Of Supervisor Of Home Education Programs

3.  Individual Acknowledgments

4.  Limited Liability Company Acknowledgments

5.  Corporate Acknowledgments

6.  Attorney-In-Fact’s (Agent’s) Acknowledgments

7.  Acknowledgments by any Public Officer or Deputy thereof or by   
any Trustee, Administrator Guardian or Executor

8.  Acknowledgment by an Attorney at Law

9.  Power Of Attorney
      a. Automotive Power of Attorney

10.  Individual Acknowledgement my Maker of Standby Guardianship
             You fill out and we will notarize your signature(s)
*** We can also notarize any forms you have.
           Loan Documents, POA's, Any Acknowledgement
, MV-POA'S, etc.

We Ask you to bring TWO forms of
ID which is required, One being a
Photo Drivers License or Photo ID
issued by the State and another ID
of sort with your signature. ie.
Social Security Card.  

You must be present for signing
and do not sign anything you need
notarized until you do so in front of
our notary as we are notarizing
that we have seen you sign and we
have ID you to be that person

We go by the law so please do not
ask us to go outside the law in

If by chance you are not sure, feel
free to call us and we will be happy
to let you know if what you have is
usable for an ID.

Thank you...

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Law.  If you need Legal advice please seek
legal advice from a Lawyer.
We are not allowed to write up legal
documents including deeds or
General POA's or give ANY type of legal
 Please do not ask!

We only have the forms below issued to us by
Pennsylvania Association of Notaries.
We are not a Licensed Attorney to practice law in the Commonwealth.
We are NOT allowed to draft ANY legal records or documents nor give ANY legal advice, including
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