About Our Business
Before Venango County Notary  opened for business, it
was apparent to Ed that this specific notary services was
needed in this area. Conveniently located at 3537 State
Route 257 in Seneca, the offices of the Venango County
Notary are open for business from
9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday,
Sundays by appointment
OR  Before and after hours by
Just call and we will be happy to make arrangements to
suit your needs.
Services include;  
Title Transfers, T-Plates,  State Motor Vehicle Forms,  
Driver License Forms, Living Wills, Out of State Vehicles
to PA, Reconstructed Vehicles, Lost Titles, New Trailers,
**Vehicles Sold Out of State - with an Intransit Plate
good for 30 Days**

Plus many other forms and documents such as-
Affidavits, Individual Acknowledgments, Limited  Liability  
Company Acknowledgments, Corporate
Acknowledgments, Attorney-In-Fact’s (Agent’s)
Acknowledgments, Acknowledgments by any Public
Officer, Trustee, etc.  

Signing Agent

Passenger cars can travel freely between states, but
commercial vehicles over 26000 pounds cannot.
Currently all states including Pennsylvania work together
collecting registration fees and tax revenue. Trucks and
buses and some others vehicles displaying apportioned
plates only have to display this one plate when operating
interstate between the participating states. Ed is now
licensed to issue apportioned TA’s which is Temporary  
Registration for Trucks over 26,000.

Venango County Notary also provides bonded
messenger service to Harrisburg.  You may contact Ed
Caton at Venango County Notary by telephone at 814-
677-2216; by fax at 814-677-2836.

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Call us at;  814*677*2216
Venango County Notary