We have many Services available.  

Some services include:

  • Titling and all services that are included within.
  1.  T-plates
  1. Passenger (Car)
  2. Truck
  3. Trailer
  4. Motorcycle
  5. Motor Home
  6. School Bus
  7. Bus
  8. Omni Bus
  9. Intransit (for Buyers out of State)  30 day T-plates
  10. IMP - Implement of Husbandry Plates
  11. SME - Special Mobile Equipment Plates
  12. Perm Trailer - Permanent Trailer Plates
            1. One time Registration fee for trailers weighing  
                10,001 or more. (optional)

2.  Title Transfers

3.  Out of State Transfers into Pennsylvania
  1. Titled, Registration & Plated the same day.

4.  DCNR (PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources)
- Snowmobile and ATV Title Transfers & Registrations

5.  Boat Transfers & Registrations

  • Motor Vehicle  
  1.  Handicap
  2.  62 and over reduced Registration fees
  3.  Instant NAME Changed on your
      registration and title.
         a. Due to Marriage, Divorce, etc.

  • Driver Licensing Forms

  • Legal Documents (all forms on hand)
  1. Advance Directive For Health Care (Living Will
  2. Affidavits
  1. Form Of Affidavits
  2. Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Liabilities
  3. Affidavit Of Supervisor Of Home Education Programs

  1. Individual Acknowledgments
  2. Limited Liability Company Acknowledgments
  3. Corporate Acknowledgments
  4. Attorney-In-Fact’s (Agent’s) Acknowledgments
  5. Acknowledgments by any Public Officer or Deputy
    thereof or by any Trustee, Administrator Guardian or
  6. Acknowledgment by an Attorney at Law

  • Apportioned
  1. TA's - For state to state or out of state Truck driven
    vehicles over 26,000

  1.  On September 26, 2005 in Harrisburg for Venango
    County Notary Ed Attended                     
    Pennsylvania Automotive Association/Penn DOT's
    Seminar on Apportion Registration And Titling
    Procedures For Heavy-Duty Trucks.

                b.   The Seminar also covered the required annual     
training for Temporary Authority Agent or initial
training for those applying for Temporary
Authority Agents Status.

  •  Notarizing All Legal Documents and Forms

            1.  Living Wills
            2.  Affidavits
            3.  Individual Acknowledgments
            4.  Limited  Liability  Company Acknowledgments    
            5.  Corporate Acknowledgments
            6.  Attorney-In-Fact’s (Agent’s) Acknowledgments
            7.  Acknowledgments by any Public Officer,
                 Trustee, etc

  •  Need a Signing Agent?

     We Will Travel to Notarize Any Legal Form or Document
   Fee will vary with distances

Venango County Notary